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Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi

Gonabad Qasabeh Qanat

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Holy Shrines

Holy Shrineof Imamzadeh Sultan Mohammad Abed (AS)

This benevolent place, which is the destination of pilgrims and tourists every day, is located in 24th km on the south of Gonabad and overlooks the city of Kakhak. Historical evidence of this character has introduced him as the brother of Imam Reza (AS). 
This building was built on his grave at the end of the Seljuk period by the efforts of Amir Abdullah Toni. The current building of the tomb belongs to the time of Shah Tahmasb Safavid to the contemporary period. The shrine land is more than 5 hectares and is built on the courtyard of this residential building and pilgrimage complex. In this sacred place and adjacent to the monument, the garden and the green space were founded with the help of the benefactors for the pilgrims and travelers' rest. Inn of the Imamzadeh has 37 rooms and 24 suites.

Mazar-e-Imamzadeh Sultan Ahmad Bimorgh (AS)

The holy shrine is located in 35th km on the east of Gonabad, near the village of Bimorgh. The monument with its octagonal design and a dome over it is located in an orchard. There is a Quranic inscription on the wall of the interior side, written in a Sols writing style. The tombstone found in the interior of the building dates back to 1053 AH and is in line with the Safavid era.

Tomb of Imamzadeh Sultan Mahmood (AS) Khanik
The magnificent beauty of this Holy Shrine is located at a distance of two kilometers from the village of Khanik and it is attributed to the tomb of Sultan Mahmoud. The monument of this Imamzadeh is located in a mountainous region that attracts many pilgrims and tourists to this point.

Tomb of Imamzadeh Yahya ibn Musa bin Ja'far (as) Kamar Ziarat

This brick based building, attributed to the tomb of Imamzadeh Yahya ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Ja'far, is located in 45 km distance from the Gonabad-Younesi road at heights called "Kamar Ziarat", being located on the summit of Mount Jaze. To reach the tomb, you must climb 472 stone steps. All amenities for pilgrims are provided at this place.

Tomb of Imamzadeh Sultan Ahmad Javanmard (AS)

The Tomb of this Imamzadeh between local people is known as Sultan Ahmad; it is in about 17 km distance from the city of Gonabad in the center of the village of Disfan. The surrounding area is surrounded by summer region and mountainous areas, with its natural attractions which have been attracting many tourists to this point.









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